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Planet Fitness Is An Amazing Judgement Free Zone – Transgender Journey – FTM

Hello everyone!  Today I very excited to share with you my experience with Planet Fitness in Traverse City, MI.  I recently shared with the manager there that I was in the process of transitioning.  To my surprise, she was beyond helpful and willing to accomodate me in any way possible.  This made me feel 100% respected and her dedication was above and beyond anything I could imagine.  Not only can I use the men’s facilities after speaking with her, she also changed my gender to male and my name to Charlie in their records.

I feel so comfortable in there now and finally like my real self.  My first time in the men’s bathroom was a huge moment for me.  I felt like I was in the right place.  I was not judged one bit.  I didn’t receive any looks or comments and I wasn’t chased out of the bathroom…yes this has happened a lot throughout my life when using the women’s bathroom.  How amazing.  I don’t even have the words to express how happy I am.

I have also started personal training there and am working on building my chest heavily and on that nice T shaped body that I long for.  Bria, my trainer is an amazing, positive and non judgemental individual.  I feel completely comfortable telling her my goals and she has created a great plan for me to follow to achieve them.  I am very excited to continue to see changes in myself and Planet Fitness has really helped to make that happen.

Cheers until next time!