Memphis Motivation

Turning Negative Experiences Into A Positive Explosion

Charlie covers turning negative experiences into a positive explosion with his own real life experiences.

Making Your List

List some of the experiences in your life, both positive and negative

How did these experiences impact you in the future?

What do you do now as a result from the experience?

What do you do now to avoid or achieve more experiences like this?

Now, let’s get rid of some of the negativity caused from previous experiences and keep the positivity coming in!

My thing is anger. I don’t express it much. I hold it in and that is unhealthy to do. So how do I deal with it in a healthy manor?

Some people yell, I prefer working out or some kind of physical activity.

What do you do that will get your heart rate up, your body moving and ultimately releasing the negativity within?

Some examples of what I do are:

Working out

And you don’t need a gym to do these things… you want to deal with the emotion as soon as possible… I go to the bathroom, or any room for that matter, use a chair or the floor for some tricep dips, pushups, situps, etc. You can go running. There are so many options and many of us make excuses and push it off, but that is not healthy…so let’s deal with the emotions as soon as humanly possible and get that negativity out of our lives!