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Set Forth Counseling – LGBTQ Specialized Counseling

Nikki Wald is a licensed clinical social worker and owner of Set Forth Counseling in Traverse City, Michigan. Nikki provides counseling to adolescents and adults and specializes in working with LGBTQ youth. She supports families at all different levels of comfort, familiarity, and acceptance regarding their loved one’s experience of gender transition. She provides letters of referral for clients pursuing gender affirming treatments and describes herself as a pretty good case worker when it comes to figuring out how to navigate barriers like differing state requirements. Nikki is a strong advocate for her clients and provides skilled, wholehearted therapeutic supports. 

“We all go through painful experiences, sometimes way more than we can handle in one lifetime. We can become lost and forget that being human is about more than survival. We doubt ourselves, lose sight of our bravery, intelligence, and how incredible we actually are. We forget that there is a SELF in there and that it is the only one on earth. It’s a brilliant, limitless, generous, wise, tough and tender self”. -Nikki Wald, Set Forth Counseling
Transgender Counseling Traverse city Northern Michigan