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Turning Negative Experiences Into A Positive Explosion


Charlie covers turning negative experiences into a positive explosion with his own real life experiences. Making Your List List some of the experiences in your life, both positive and negative How did these experiences impact you in the future? What…
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Take Control Of Your Life – Make A Plan


Take Control Of Your Life – Make A Plan There are so many things that we must get done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  This can, many times lead to becoming overwhelmed, depressed, a negative attitude toward life…
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Grand Traverse Resort Spa Day Support For Trans Feelings – Transgender Journey – FTM


Hello everyone!  In today’s vlog, I’d like to share with you my recent experience at Grand Traverse Resort and Spa.  One thing that I found to be more difficult than I imagined during this journey is using the facilities.  Ever…
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Planet Fitness Is An Amazing Judgement Free Zone – Transgender Journey – FTM


Hello everyone!  Today I very excited to share with you my experience with Planet Fitness in Traverse City, MI.  I recently shared with the manager there that I was in the process of transitioning.  To my surprise, she was beyond…
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Thank You For Your Support – Transgender Journey – FTM


I would like to truly thank all of you who have been following my journey so far.  Instead of sharing an old video today, I simply want to say Thank you.  I love all of the comments, sharing and likes. …
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Beginning Steps. Becoming Me – Transgender Journey – FTM


One week ago today, marks my “Coming Out” to my wife Natalie.  For years I have felt extremely different.  Unlike anyone else.  “Why can’t I wake up as a man?” I would ask myself.  “It would fix everything”.  From a…
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